Special Ops

America’s Elite

The sports world is full of battlefield analogies, but every day in numerous places across the globe, American troops are bringing the fight to real battlefields. For these volunteer warriors, phrases like “prepare for combat” or “fight like your life depends on it” are not just sports clichés or marketing slogans, but real-life requirements for tactical victory, and making it home alive.

At KUDAGRA, one of our corporate missions is to support America’s elite military operators who voluntarily go in harms way. To accomplish this goal, six percent of our net profits are designated to support forward-deployed United States Special Operations personnel and their families.

Our Partnership

KUDAGRA has partnered with TroopsDirect.Org to deliver mission-critical equipment and supplies to troops in contact. Even our elite units such as Navy SEALs, Marine Recon units, and Army Special Forces teams are sometimes forced to deploy without a full complement of required gear. TroopsDirect helps to address these shortfalls and we’re proud to partner with them to ensure our troops get the gear and logistical support they need to get the job done.

For more information about TroopsDirect visit their website at TroopsDirect.org.